out of stock Apple (Malus domestica) VNUCHKA

Low maintenance winter apple. Polygenically encoded apple scab resistance. Tolerant to powdery mildew, moderately resistant to fire blight.

Parents: elite hybrid form 51-60 (19163 х Renet Simirenko) x Lord Lambourne, breeders V.J. Chuprinyuk, S.V. Gomenyuk, released in 1998
Picking season: end September
Storage: can be stored in a natural storage up to March
Fruit size: large, 180 - 250 g
Fruit colour: yellow-red
Vigour: medium
Growth habit: compact
Start to bear fruit: very early
Cropping: good
Bearing regularity: regular
Self-fertility: need a pollination partner, some apple tree of a different variety nearby
Blossom Frost-Resistance: some resistance
Cold hardiness: very good
Suitable for organic or no-spray culture: yes
General disease-resistance: very good

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: yes

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Apple (Malus domestica) VNUCHKA

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