out of stock Black Currant CHERNY BUMER®

New large-fruited black currant with complex resistance, ecologically plastic - adapted to different cultivation conditions, with extremely high and stable yield and excellent sweet taste. Complex resistant to fungal diseases, pests, drought and late spring frost.

Parents: crossing of sweet-fruited varieties Chudesnitsa x Selechenskaya 2. Released in 2007.
Picking season: mid June
Fruit size: giant, 5-7g
Fruit colour: black
Vigour: strong, can be grown in columnar shape
Growth habit: semi erect
Start to bear fruit: very early
Cropping: heavy
Bearing regularity: regular
Self-fertility: yes
Blossom frost-resistance: yes
Cold hardiness: very good
Suitable for organic or no-spray culture: yes
General disease-resistance: very good

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: yes

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Black Currant CHERNY BUMER® (tree shape)

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