we take orders from June 30. for autumn delivery Damson Plum Vengerka Korneyevskaya

Medium early ripening self-pollinating plum, very valuable for its market-quality fruits. High yield and high frost resistance in wood and bloom at the level of hybrid Russian plums.

Crossing: Bogatyrskaja x Volgogradskaja. Breeders R.V. Kornejev, L.N. Zukova, Agricultural Research Institute NIISCH, Volodymyr, Russia. Registered in the Russian variety register in 2002.
Growth: moderate, sprawling medium dense canopy
Flowering: beginning of May, a fully self-politaning variety, blooming flowers are resistant to light frost
Picking season: half of August
Fruit: 30 - 35 g, oval. Peach violet with strong wax coating. Suitable for fresh consumption and all types of processing. They have excellent transportability
Flesh: yellow, juicy, juice is colorless. The stone is medium-sized, well separable from flesh. The proportion of stone to the weight of the fruit is 7%.
Taste: sweet
Cropping: high and regular, average 30 kg / 6th year old tree
Resistance to diseases: high, good resistance to drought
Frost resistance: wood and flowers buds are perfectly resistant to frost
Usage: The variety is suitable for home gardeners and intensive orchards for its adaptability, high frost resistance and good market and taste properties

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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  • Availability: we take orders from June 30. for autumn delivery
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  • Pot size: 2 liter
  • Rootstock Saint Julien A : semi vigorous growth
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