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no longer available Apricot x Plum hybrid APRISALI®

This interspecific hybrid is a crossing of apricot and plum and is characterized by a very distinctive aroma. APRISALI® is hardy and also suitable for colder regions. The juicy fruits with crimson flesh are perfectly suited for fresh consumption or for preparing marmalade and compote.

Growth: compact growth
Blossom: together with apricots, self-fertile
Ripeness: July
Color: large crimson fruits
Appearance: roundish fruits, juicy red flesh
Taste: unique crossing of plum and apricot
Crop yield: in its second year already
Special notes: resistant to monilia, valuable collector's variety for the house garden

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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Apricot x Plum hybrid APRISALI®

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  • Product Code: APRISALI®-kontajner
  • Availability: no longer available
  • Height of plant when delivery: 160 cm
  • Pot size: 5 Liter Pot
  • Rootstock-vigour : St. Julien A - Semi Vigorous

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