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no longer available BORNHOLM`S DIAMOND (Ficus carica) Fig Tree

It is a clone of the Bornholm fig variety, which was produced by the Brown Turkey variety selection. It comes from the Swedish island Bornholm and is characterized by increased moisture resistance. This property is especially important in central European wet winters. This variety belongs to the Adriatic group of parthenocarpic varieties that do not need Blastophaga psenes to pollinate.

Vigour: medium-strong, older trees reach a height of 2,5 m
Self-fertility: do not need to be pollinated to bear fruit (parthenocarpic variety)
Fruits: large, weight 50 to 60 g, green-red-brown in color, light red inside, aromatic and sweet
Ripening: the first crop is smaller and arrives from the middle of July. The main harvest ripens from the end of August and is considerably larger.
Disease Resistance: in our conditions the susceptibility to fungal diseases or pests is unknown.
Cold hardiness: up to -18°C, one of the hardiest fig among all varieties

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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Fig Tree (Ficus carica) BORNHOLM`S DIAMOND

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