One of the oldest and most valuable hazelnut varieties. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption, drying and storage. Resistant to diseases. Its sensitivity to low temperatures makes it suitable for planting in warmer areas. Needs enough moisture, the soil should be humic, well-drained, clayey-sandy.

Origin: comes from Italy, probably from the original species Corylus tubulosa Willd
Vigour: moderate, broadly upright, often multi-stemmed shrub, 3 - 4 m high and 2 - 3 m wide
Blossom: blooms in February, self-fertile, good pollinator for other hazelnut varieties
Fruits: medium-sized hazelnuts, oblong, light brown. The kernel fills the inside of the shell well.
Taste: sweet, very pleasant
Harvest season: ripens in early September. The nuts stay fresh for a long time and have a long shelf life until February.
Yield: high yielding variety with regularly balanced harvests, recommended for both hobby growers and commercial production

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Hazelnut (Corylus avellana) LAMBERT

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