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no longer available Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas) YANTARNY

Early Ukrainian richly blooming, high-yielding yellow Cornelian cherry. Thrives on humus to clay soils and requires adequate water supply. The plant is fully frost-resistant and is also suitable for growing in the foothills up to an altitude of 1200 m.

Vigour: upright, the plant has the character of a tree with a pyramidal crown. Older trees reach a height and width of approx. 3 m. With regular pruning, we keep the cornel cherry in a much smaller shape.
Blossom: self-fertile, Yantarny is a good pollinator for other varieties.
Fruit: yellow, medium-sized, oval, yellow, weight 4 - 6 g, length 2.8 cm, sugar content 9.6%
Pulp: dense, aromatic, sweet, slightly sour when ripe
Harvest season: early, second half of July
Yield: high and regular, very productive, up to 40 kg fruits / adult shrub
Usage: ripe fruits are ideal for making jams, compotes and for making homemade schnapps
Disease resistance: generally good resistance to fungal diseases and pests

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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas) YANTARNY

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