Medlar Trees

Medlar Trees

The Romans and the ancient Greeks worshiped the medlar. This ancient fruit variety is still very popular in Greece, Turkey and the Middle East. The common medlar is rather a rarity in our gardens today. The easy-care and robust fruit trees are only in demand again due to the increasing interest in wild fruits.
The fruits are ripe at the end of October. They are very hard and sour without the effects of frost, but if you wait until after the frost to harvest and store the fruits for a few weeks, they become soft, slightly sour and very aromatic.

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Medlar (Mespilus germanica) DUTCH GIANT

High-yielding Dutch medlar with large fruits. Disease-resistant and easy to grow...

  • Height of plant when delivery: 120 cm
  • Pot size: 4 liter
  • Rootstock Quince A : semi-vigorous

24.00€ Ex Tax: 24.00€