no longer available Rowan - Mountain Ash - Sorbaronia Burka

This hybrid mountain ash was bred by Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin in 1918. Similar to mountain ash, but genetically it is a hybrid mountain ash x chokeberry. In contrast to the common mountain ash (rowan), its fruits are suitable for fresh consumption straight from the tree and for processing juice and jam. Perfectly adapted to unfavorable climatic conditions. Cultivation is easy.

Crossing: Sorbus alpina (Sorbus aria x Aronia arbutifolia var. rubra) x Sorbus aucuparia
Vigour: weak-growing shrub with a compact growth habit, final height 2 - 3 m
Blossom: self-fertile
Fruit: flat-spherical, forming medium-sized clusters of dark-burgundy color. Taste pleasant sweet-sour. Ripe fruits can hang on the bush for a long time without losing quality.
Harvest season: late August to early September
Disease and frost resistance: high, the variety enables ecological cultivation without chemical sprays
Usage: even with very late harvest, the juice yield is still very high. The black-red juice can be can be boiled into jelly and whole fruits can be processed into jam using other fruits.

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Rowan - Mountain Ash - Sorbaronia BURKA

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