Apple (Malus domestica) ANTONOVKA

Known undemanding and robust Russian winter apple tree variety with high frost resistance. Also suitable for diabetics due to the low sugar content.

Parents: originated from national selection, gained great popularity and spread in the second half of the last century. It continues to occupy a leading position in the apple tree range in Central Russia, Belarus and many regions of Northern Ukraine.
Growth: strong, tree is high, crown oval to wide oval. Fruits are often found on biennial wood.
Picking season: mid-September
Storage: until January
Fruit size: medium to large, round to slightly flattened, ribbed. Skin smooth. The fruits are characterized by excellent transportability and high market value.
Fruit colour: in the ripeness greenish-yellow, when stored yellow, without or with very slight redness
Flesh: yellowish, juicy, aromatic, sweet and sour with a slight excess of acid, unique. The ripe fruit has a strong, unusually attractive aroma, which has made the variety extremely popular. Chemical composition: Sugar content - 9.22%, titratable acids - 1.0% fresh weight, tannins - 41 mg / 100 g, ascorbic acid - 17 mg / 100 g (8.3 - 23.7), P active ingredients - 327 mg / 100 g, pectin substances - 14% (6.7 - 16.6) per dry matter.
Vigour: strong
Start to bear fruit: full fertility begins 7-8 years after planting. High productivity,
Bearing regularity: regular
Self-fertility: need a pollination partner, some apple tree of a different variety nearby
Cold hardiness: high
Suitable for organic or no-spray culture: yes
General disease-resistance: the variety is undemanding and relatively disease-resistant. High frost resistance at the level of the main apple varieties. High ecological adaptability.

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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Apple (Malus domestica) ANTONOVKA

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