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no longer available Hardy Olive (Olea europaea) ARBEQUINA Fruiting Olive

Hardy evergreen shrub with narrow, silvery leaves. The name Arbequina comes from the Spanish village Arbeca, where this hardy variety originated in the 17th century. Arbequina is one of the most important varieties in world olive production today, valued for its aromatic dark brown fruits with high oil content. Although Arbequina prefers alkaline soils, it also thrives well in slightly acidic soils. Prefers a sunny site.

Vigour: in adulthood can exhibit either tree or shrub type, depending on the pruning method. Older trees reach a height of 2 m.
Blossom: fruiting without pollination
Fruits: medium-sized, oval, weight 5 - 6 g, dark brown
Harvest season: hot summer climates produce the most abundant olive crops, which ripen late October to early November
Resistance to diseases and pests: susceptibility to fungal diseases or pests is not known under our conditions
Cultivation in the first few years: we usually cultivate young olive trees in pots or containers. Old trees are far more resilient than young ones. If the root freezes, the tree dies. A plus of 10 degrees is ideal for wintering in a cold house. This requires light. With too little light, the olive tree loses its leaves. Water little, do not fertilize, do not let the bales dry out, ventilate the cold house sufficiently. Strong plants that are at least 2 to 3 years old are planted outdoors. Sunny location on the southern wall is an ideal place for planting. It is protected from north winds and increases the chances of olives for wintering. Younger plants tolerate frost down to -10°, older ones down to -14°C.

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: well rooted 3 year old pot plant

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Hardy Olive (Olea europaea) ARBEQUINA

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