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no longer available Honeysuckle-Haskap BAKCHARSKIJ VELIKAN®

Siberian high-yielding, large-fruited variety with high fruit quality.

Origin: new breed F3 x Roksana. Breeder I.K. Gidzyuk, N.V. Savinkova, A.P. Pavlov. Research Institute FGUP “Bakczarskoye” Rosselhozakademii, Tomsk Oblast. Released in 2005.
Vigour: strong, shrub, height 190 cm, width 130 cm. Plant shape broad, loose structure, shoots straight and thick.
Fruits: average weight 1.8 g, max. 2.5 g, very large, length 4.5 cm, ø 1.2 cm, shape elongated-oval, slightly asymmetrical. Skin moderately thick, dark blue, heavy wax coating, fruit soft, petiole scar dry. Taste sweet and sour, fine. Sugar content 17°Brix. Fruits evenly and densely distributed on the shoots, which makes harvesting easier. Tolerates transport fairly well. Dessert variety, also recommended for freezing.
Harvest season: second half of May. Hand harvest recommended, mechanical harvest also possible. Fruits have a moderate tendency to shed.
Yield: harvest is distributed over time. Medium harvest from the bush 2.5 kg, max. 4.5 kg. Average harvest per hectare 8.3 t/ha, max. 14.9 t/ha.
Disease resistance: no susceptibility to pests and diseases has been observed
Frost hardiness: completely hardy, even blooming flowers withstand frost -7°С
Special notes: to get a good harvest, it is recommended to plant different varieties next to each other, cross-pollination possible. The following varieties are recommended: Jugana, Dosch Velikana, Vostorg.

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: yes

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Honeysuckle-Haskap (Lonicera caerulea) BAKCHARSKIJ VELIKAN®

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