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The advantages of this variety are frost resistance, resistantce to American gooseberry powdery mildew, drought resistance, excellent taste, properties, large fruitiness and reliable yealds. The excellent taste of the fruits surpasses other yellow gooseberry varieties. Suitable for organic or no-spray culture.

Crossing: Malakhit x Samorodok, breeder Ilyin Vladimir Sergeyevich, released in year 1998
Vigour: medium strong, moderately spreading, dense. Numerous shoots are almost without spines.
Site requirements: direct sun
Blossom: self-fertile
Fruit: large, weight 6 to 9 g, round, light yellow, skin thin, smooth. The content of vitamin C is 17.2 mg / 100 g.
Taste: excellent, very aromatic like no other gooseberry, sweet with a little bit acidity, highly valued
Harvest season: medium early, late June
Yeald: very high and regular. Long-term average yield 10.3 t / ha, the highest yield 33.3 t / ha. Harvest from one bush is between 4 to 8 kg. One of the most fertile varieties among the resistant gooseberries. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption, for processing into juice and jam and also for commercial cultivation.
Disease resistance: resistant to American gooseberry powdery mildew
Fost resistance: completely hardy

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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Gooseberry trunk (Grossularia uva-crispa) BERILL®

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