Black Currant CHERNY BUMER®

New, large-fruited black currant with complex disease resistance, extremely high and stable yields and an excellent sweet taste. Complex resistant to fungal diseases, pests, drought and late spring frost.

Crossing: sweet-fruited varieties Chudesnitsa x Selechenskaya 2. Registered in the State Ukrainian Register of Varieties in 2007.
Vigour: strong, semi-upright
Site requirements: full sun location
Fruits: berries extremely large, 5 to 7 g, round, black, shiny, uniform, sufficiently firm. In the bunches ripen practically at the same time.
Taste: extremely sweet, with a pleasant currant aroma, very popular with children. One of the best varieties for fresh consumption, but also for making high quality jams, juices and for freezing.
Harvest season: mid-June
Yeald: very high, regular and stable
Disease resistance: complex resistance to fungal diseases, pests, especially currant mite (Eriophyes ribis), drought and late spring frost. Very unpretentious variety, ecologically plastic, adapted to different growing conditions.
Frost resistance: completely hardy

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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Black Currant trunk (Ribes nigrum) CHERNY BUMER®

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