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availability spring 2023 Black Currant CHERNY BUMER®

Large-fruited black currant with complete disease resistance, extremely high and stable yields and an excellent sweet taste.

Crossing: sweet-fruited varieties Chudesnitsa x Selechenskaya 2. Registered in the Ukrainian variety register in 2007.
Vigour: strong, semi-upright. Very unpretentious variety, ecologically plastic, adapted to different growing conditions.
Site requirements: full sun location
Blossom: self-fertile, does not require a pollinator
Fruits: bunches long, averaging 8 cm. Berries extremely large, 5 to 7 g, round, black, shiny, uniform, sufficiently firm. In the bunches ripen almost simultaneously and do not fall off even when they are fully ripe. The infructescence looks like a bunch of grapes.
Taste: excellent sweet, with a pleasant currant aroma, very popular with children. One of the best varieties for fresh consumption, but also for making high quality jams, juices and for freezing.
Harvest season: begins in mid-June
Yeald: very high, regular and stable
Disease resistance: resistant to fungal diseases, pests, especially currant mite (Eriophyes ribis), drought and late spring frost.
Frost resistance: fully hardy
Advantages: exceptional in many ways. No other variety of black currant combines so many excellent properties such as stable and high yields, complete resistance to diseases and pests, huge berries of high quality and excellent sweet taste.

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: well rooted one year old pot plant
Shrub: shrub

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Black Currant shrub CHERNY BUMER®

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