out of stock Apricot x Plum hybrid CHERNY BARKHAT

Interspecific hybrid of apricot and Russian plum. Very valuable for its fruit quality, high frost resistance at the level of Russian plums and very good resistance to fungal diseases.

Crossing: Amerikansky Cherny x unknown plum, breeders G.V. Yeremin, A.V. Isachkin, Ukraine. Released in 2005
Vigour: moderate, crown flat, moderately dense
Blossom: partially partially self-fertile. Blooming flowers are resistant to mild frost. Other stone fruits (apricot, Russian plum or plum) are required for better pollination.
Fruit: weight 30 g, dark purple to black, peel firm. Suitable for fresh consumption as well as for processing. Fruits are resistant to cracking and well transportable.
Pulp: juicy, medium firm, yellow, pink-red on the peel, freestone. Stone small.
Taste: very good, harmonious, sweet and sour
Harvest season: late July
Yeald: moderate, stable, the first fruits already bear in the 3rd - 4th year after planting
Disease resistance: good resistance against brown rot of stone fruit (Monilinia laxa), Stigmina carpophila (Clasterosporium carpophilum), bacterium (Pseudomonas syringae) and Leucostoma canker (Leucostoma cincta syn. Cytospora cincta)
Frost resistance: excellent
Usage: due to its adaptability, the variety is particularly suitable for gardeners and for areas where other apricot varieties cannot be grown due to the late spring frosts. Suitable for organic or no-spray culture.

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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Apricot x Plum hybrid CHERNY BARKHAT

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