no longer available Chinese Mulberry (Cudrania tricuspidata) CHE SEEDLESS

Late ripening female seedless Cudrania variety. Compared to other strongly growing varieties, the tree grows only moderately. Requires minimal care and has a tolerance of drought and poor soils similar to that of the related mulberry. Young shoots have small thorns that lose with age. It is complete disease and insect free fruit species.

Origin: the Che is native to many parts of eastern Asia from the Shandong Province of China to the Nepalese sub-Himalayas
Growth: medium-vigorous tree with a height of 3 to 4 m and a width of up to 4 m. Tree growth depends on pruning. Is grafted on the Maclura pomifera rootstock.
Site requirements: full sun location. Che will grow in a range of soil types. Deep, well drained loam is the best.
Blossom: monoecious, female. Female flowers of variety Seedless need pollinator with male flowers to create fruits.
Fruit: seedless, on average 1.5 - 2 cm, red to dark red. The che fruit is not a berry but a collective fruit, in appearance somewhat like a round mulberry crossed with a lychee. The ripe fruits are an attractive color with a juicy, rich red flesh inside.
Taste: ripe fruit has a watermelon taste. The sugar content is similar to that of well-ripened figs.
Harvest season: late, in November, sometimes the fruits do not have to ripen reliably under our climatic conditions. We therefore recommend planting in warmer southern regions.
Yield: medium, regular yields if pollenizer is nearby. The Che Seedless begin to bear at an early age.
Disease resistance: generally highly resistant to disease and pests, suitable for organic or no-spray culture
Frost resistance: frost-resistant throughout Central Europe

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Chinese Mulberry (Cudrania tricuspidata) CHE SEEDLESS

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