Very high-yielding hazelnut variety with a thin shell. Forms numerous male inflorescences, is a very good pollinating partner of the hazelnuts that ensures rich cropping. A hedge of hazel thickets makes for an ideal screen and windbreak, with attractive golden catkins in February to March.

Vigour: medium-strong, broad-crowned shrub, 3 - 4 m high and 2 - 3 m wide
Blossom: depending on the weather, the catkins bloom as early as February, self-fertile, good pollinator for other hazelnut varieties
Fruits: medium-sized to large, oblong with a blunt tip, light brown, 2 to 5 nuts in the infructescence. The pericarp is as long as the nut. Shell is thin, easy for cracking.
Harvest season: from early September. If left in their shell, Cosford Hazelnuts will store well for more than a year.
Yields: high yielding variety with regularly balanced harvests, recommended for both hobby growers and commercial production

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Hazelnut (Corylus avellana) COSFORD

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