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no longer available Damson Plum CRVENA RANKA

Original autochthonous Serbian plum. One of the leading varieties used to produce high-quality slivovitz. Tolerant to all plum diseases. Undemanding to cultivation conditions and generally easy to care for, particularly suitable for hobby gardeners.

Origin: Serbia, Arandjelovac region. Autochthonous variety - the variety is typical only for the respective country.
Vigour: moderate
Blossom: May, cross-pollinate
Fruits: round-oval, weight 20 g, peel thin, initially red, purple when fully ripe, fruits stay on the tree for a long time
Pulp: initially yellow-green, golden yellow when fully ripe, juicy, freestone, stone small
Taste: pleasantly harmonious, total sugar 10-12%, can reach up to 20%, acidity 0.5-0.6%
Harvest season: first half of August
Yield: medium-high
Special notes: universal variety intended mainly for distilling, for the production of distillates, plum brandy, brandy. It is particularly interesting for organic farming for its general disease resistance.

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Plum (Prunus domestica) CRVENA RANKA

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  • Height of plant when delivery: 60 cm
  • Pot size: 2 liter
  • Rootstock Saint Julien A : semi vigorous growth

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