Delivery Terms & Conditions

Sales of fruit plants to selected EU countries

When an order is placed in our online shop, the following rules apply: The buyer submits a binding contract offer by successfully going through the ordering procedure provided in our online shop. We will immediately confirm receipt of the order by an automatically generated email. With this we accept your order. The buyer decides either to personally pick up the goods or to send them by GLS courier service.
Please note that we do not accept or confirm orders by email. We are unable to ship plants outside the EU.

1/ Personal collection directly from our horticulture

Our horticulture is open from March 15th to October 31st with a summer break in July. During this time is the possibility of personal collection of ordered fruit plants.

Notification that your order is ready for collection will be sent to your email. Please state the date of your arrival in advance by e-mail

Address for personal collection: Záhradníctvo Limbach, Potočná 9, 900 91 Limbach, Slovakia

Payment: Cash on collection. Please bring your order confirmation with you.

2/ Shipping by GLS courier service to selected EU countries

We only send the fruit plants in the planting season, depending on the availability date in stock, from March to November with a summer break in June and July due to risk of plant damage in transit, especially during hot days.

Due to long transport times (5 days and more) and the threat of plant damages, especially in summer, we only send the plants to Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Spain, France and Italy in spring (March) or in autumn (September - November).

The plants will be sent to you on the basis of a binding, confirmed order together with the invoice by GLS courier service. Notification of the shipping date of your order and the tracking number will be sent to your email in good time.

Payment: In advance - bank transfer, or PayPal. The invoice with bank details will usually be sent to you 1 week before the expected shipment. Your order will be sent after full receipt of payment in the earliest possible shipping date. Please keep the confirmation of the bank transfer as proof.

The plants are sold in the order in which they are received until stocks are exhausted. If, for technical or other reasons, we cannot deliver the ordered plants, we will inform you immediately by email. We can jointly agree on delivery on a replacement date, delivery of other varieties of the same quality and price, or an alternative solution.

Shipping Costs
Country/Weight 0-2kg 2-3kg 3-5kg 5-10kg 10-15kg 15-20kg 20-25kg 25-30kg 30-40kg
Slovakia 4,80 € 5,40 € 5,70 € 6,30 € 6,90 € 7,80 € 8,40 € 9,90 € 11,70 €
HU 7,80 € 8,40 € 8,70 € 9,90 € 10,50 € 11,70 € 12,60 € 13,50 € 15,00 €
AT, SI, HR, RO 9,60 € 10,50 € 11,40 € 12,30 € 13,80 € 15,60 € 18,30 € 21,00 € 24,00 €
DE, NL, BE, PL 11,40 € 13,20 € 13,80 € 15,30 € 16,80 € 18,30 € 21,60 € 23,40 € 26,40 €
IT, FR, DK 13,50 € 15,00 € 15,90 € 16,80 € 17,70 € 19,20 € 22,50 € 24,30 € 27,30 €
FI, SE, ES, PT 15,60 € 18,90 € 23,40 € 25,20 € 26,40 € 28,80 € 36,00 € 45,60 € 54,30 €


HU (Hungary), AT (Austria), SI (Slovenia), RO (Romania), HR (Croatia), DE (Germany), NL (Nederland), BE (Belgium), PL (Poland), FR (France), IT (Italy), DK (Danemark), FI (Finland), SE (Sweden), ES (Spain), PT (Portugal)