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Everbearing variety Evie 2 has a unique ability to bear fruit even in summer temperatures around 30°C, which no currently available everbearing strawberry variety can do. Replacement for the older variety Everest in the variety range.

Origin: Edward Vinson Plants, UK, introduced in 2001
Vigour: the shape of the plant makes it easy to pick, planting distance 35 x 35 cm
Flowering time: March to July
Fruits: large, beautifully shaped, glossy, light red
Pulp: high quality, juicy, wonderfully sweet taste
Ripening time: everbearing variety, bears fruit from May to October
Yield: extremely high and consistent, exceptionally high proportion of class I fruit, over 2 kilograms per plant
Resistance to disease: high, mildew tolerant, resistant to high summer temperatures

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Strawberry EVIE 2

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