no longer available Mulberry (Morus nigra) GALICIA

Large-fruited black mulberry that combines a rare combination of properties. Disease resistance, excellent taste, above average fertility and at the same time full frost resistance. The frost hardiness of this variety was perfectly tested in the climatic conditions of Ukraine. The fruits are unusually large, firm and remain undamaged for a few days after harvest.

Origin: Ukraine, breeder R.V. Babayeva
Vigour: strong, compact canopy with strong shoots.
Blossom: the variety is self-fertile. Shoots with 3 - 5 berries grow during budding from mid-April to mid-May.
Fruits: very large, cylindrical shape, black-purple colour, black when fully ripe. Berry weight 6 - 7 g, length 5 - 8 cm, width 2 cm. The fruits hold well on the tree, they do not fall off. Suitable for direct consumption, for freezing and for processing into liqueurs, jams, etc.
Pulp: juicy, dense, seedless, aromatic, dark purple juice. In sunny weather it quickly absorbs sugar.
Taste: delicious, refreshingly sweet
Harvest season: first half of July
Yield: very productive variety, the yield of a five-year-old tree is around 40 kg. The harvests are stable and regular. The first yields begin on biennial plants.
Disease resistance: tree with good immunity, reliable resistance to diseases and pests, no need for chemical protection during vegetation
Frost resistance: withstands frost down to -25°C
Use: Variety is adaptable to different climatic conditions. Due to the resistance to diseases is particularly interesting for organic cultivation and hobby gardeners.
Black Mulberry Healing Properties: it contains a complex of minerals and vitamins that calm the nervous system, improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

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Mulberry (Morus nigra) GALICIA

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