no longer available Raspberry GERAKL

Large-fruited twice-bearing red raspberry suitable for fresh consumption and industrial use.

Crossing: Autumn Bliss x interspecies seedling 14-205-4. Breeder IV Kazakov, Kokinsky oporny punkt VSTISP, Russia.
Vigour: moderate, slightly spreading shrub, up to 1.5 - 2 m high. Canes strong, upright, thorny. Annual canes are medium-thick, initially green, turning dark red in autumn with wax coating.
Site requirements: full sun location
Fruits: large to very large, truncated cone-shaped, ruby ​​red when fully ripe, velvety. Fruit weight 6 - 8 g, some up to 12 g. Flesh moderately dense. Stem easy to separate from meat. The fruits are dimensionally stable and when fully ripe last a long time on the shrub. Have increased resistance to rot.
Taste: full, aromatic, sweet with a very fine acidity. Sugar content: 9.8%, acidity 1.3%, vitamin C 32 mg / 100 g.
Harvest season: bears twice a year. The first harvest from early June to early July on last year’s wood, the second main autumn harvest on new wood from early August to late October.
Yield: high, 3.5 to 4 kg of fruit per shrub, depending on the state of agricultural technology, size and age of the shrub. The long-term average yield is 9.2 t/ha.
Disease resistance: high, at the level of the best standard varieties. Resistant to Botrytis, Didimelle, Anthracnose. Resistant to raspberry mite transmitting viruses (leaf spot, black raspberry necrosis and yellow crosslinking). Susceptible to blight.
Frost resistance: hardy

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Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) GERAKL

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