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A reliable, high-yielding and proven variety with large, high-quality hazelnuts. Also an ideal choice for mixed hedges.

Origin: Crossing Corylus maxima x Corylus avellana, Germany
Vigour: strong, broadly upright, often multi-stemmed shrub, height 4 - 6 m
Blossom: blooms from February to March. Partially self-fertile, but will crop better grouped with at least one different pollination partner. Wild hazelnuts may also pollinate.
Fruits: large, broadly conical with a thick shell, shiny light brown, 3 to 4 nuts in the infructescence. Average nut weight 4 - 5 g. Kernel percentage by weight ranges 45%.
Taste: the nuts are sweeter in taste than many others. This makes this variety one of the most popular hazelnuts.
Harvest season: ripens from mid-September to October. Unshelled nuts have a long shelf life.
Yield: high yielding variety with regularly balanced harvests

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Hazelnut (Corylus avellana) HALL'S GIANT

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