no longer available Pear HORTENZIA®

While being scab resistant this autumn pear is as well suited for successful organic production. HORTENZIA is yet another next generation fruit that has already been highly rated by consumers and is the perfect answer to the ongoing need of the market.

Parents: Nordhäuser Winterforelle x Clapps Liebling
Picking season: mid September
Storage: can be stored in a natural storage up to October
Fruit size: medium / large
Fruit colour: light green with red blush
Vigour: medium strong
Growth habit: upright
Start to bear fruit: pear trees will sometimes fruit the first year after planting, but usually start fruiting best in their third year and beyond
Cropping: good
Bearing regularity: regular
Self-fertility: not self fertile variety
Blossom Frost-Resistance: susceptible
Cold hardiness: very good
Suitable for organic or no-spray culture: yes
General disease-resistance: very good

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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