winter dispatch Jujube Tree (Ziziphus jujuba) HUPING - Winter Scionwood

Rated as one of the best among traditional varieties in China. In Taigu County, it is the main and most widespread variety. With its biological characteristic and fruit quality, the common varieties of jujube are outclassed. The cultivation is also possible for commercial purposes in all wine-growing regions. The advantage for home growers is that jujubes are extremely low-maintenance fruit trees.

Origin: comes from the Chinese province of Shanxi, Taigu region
Vigour: moderate, upright, healthy, reaches a height of 3 - 4 meters and a width of 2.5 - 3 meters. Very elegant, graceful tree with shiny leaves and almost thornless shoots, unpretentious and easy to grow.
Blossom: blooms gradually from late May to August. Huping is partially self-fertile, meaning that even one tree will bear fruit, but the presence of a second plant will increase the yield.
Fruits: large, wide oval to cylindrical shape, smooth thin peel, average weight 25 g, the largest fruits up to 50 g. The unripe fruits are green, gradually turning to maroon brown when fully ripe. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption or for drying.
Pulp: greenish to creamy white, firm, crispy, stone small, spindle-shaped
Taste: in full maturity, when the fruits are fully colored, they have an excellent sweet taste
Harvest season: fruits gradually ripen from Mid September to October, dried ones withstand storage for several months without loss of quality
Yeald: very high, regular and reliable. Yield from an adult tree is 50 kg. Start to produce fruit already in 2-nd year after planting.
Frost resistance: frost hardy down to -25°C without damage, sprouts late and thus prevents spring frost damage
Disease and pests resistance: reliably resists attack by pests and fungal diseases, no chemical protection is required during vegetation

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Jujube Tree (Ziziphus jujuba) HUPING - Winter Scionwood

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