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no longer available IVANKA Disease Resistant Seedless Table Grape Vine

Early seedless blue table grape variety with very large market grapes, highly rated taste and quality properties and high resistance to fungal diseases and frost.

Parents: Talisman x Alenushka
Flowers: hermaphroditic, self-fertile
Growing season: early, 115 - 125 days, ripens in the second half of August
Shoot vigour: strong
Clusters: very large, weight 700 - 1500 g, conical, moderately dense, branched, with a high market value
Berry: compared to conventional seedless varieties very large, weight up to 9 - 10 g, oval with thin skin, seedless, class II.
Pulp: dense, crispy with a high sugar content
Berry color: dark blue
Taste: harmonious, sweet, highly valued
Sugar content: 84 - 96°Oe
Crop: heavy

Details and Specifications
Dodacia formaown-rooted potted grape vine

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IVANKA Seedless Table Grape Vine

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  • Height of plant when delivery: 90 cm
  • Pot size: 1,6 liter
  • Cold hardiness: -24°С
  • Resistance to powdery mildew : 7 Point
  • Resistance to downy mildew : 7 Point
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