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This apricot not only impresses in terms of taste with its aromatic, well-colored fruits, but also because of its beautiful pink-red and lush flowers and is recommended for hobby gardeners as well as for commercial fruit growing, also because of the Sharka (plum pox virus) resistance.

Vigour: strong, robust, slightly broad canopy
Blossom: medium-sized, medium early, self-fertile
Fruit: medium-sized, 60 - 70 g, with only a slight side seam, orange-yellow, red cheeks on the sunny side
Pulp: firm, slightly sensitive to pressure, light orange, freestone, medium stone size, very juicy when fully ripe
Taste: sweet and sour, tasty apricot aroma
Harvest season: ready for consumption at the end of July/beginning of August
Yield: good, regular. Thinning is required on the rich-bearing trees to obtain medium-sized fruit.
Disease resistance: hitherto Sharka-resistant variety, for commercial cultivation in Sharka areas, also well suited for amateur cultivation

Details and Specifications
Rootstock Characteristics and Description: St. Julien A - semi vigorous rootstock for cold areas with fluctuating spring temperatures due to inconsistent spring weather conditions. Apricot trees grown on St. Julien rootstocks tend to come into bearing after 3-4 years. They can be used to produce free-standing trees (with no staking required once established)
Ultimate Height: 3,5 - 4 m

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Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) KURESIA

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  • Height of plant when delivery: 160 cm
  • Pot size: 10 Liter Pot
  • Rootstock-vigour : St. Julien A - Semi Vigorous

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