no longer available Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium) LAPINS

Self-fertile, large-fruited crispy carmine-red cherry from Canada. Despite early flowering, it is very productive and has a reliable yield. The variety is valuable for its fruit quality and good health.

Crossing: Van x Stella
Vigour: on the rootstock Gisela 5, the cherry is just a small compact tree, reaches a maximum height of 2.5 - 3 m, does not take up much space and is suitable for small gardens
Blossom: early, reliably self-fertile. Also pollinates other cherry varieties that bloom during the same period.
Fruits: very large, 10 - 12 g, red to wine red, firm
Pulp: pink-red, crispy, aromatic
Taste: tasty, sweet, weakly aromatic
Harvest season: medium early, around July 25th
Yield: high and regular, very early yield onset
Special notes: suitable for small gardens. Not very sensitive to transport damage, it is also suitable for storage in the refrigerator.

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: well rooted one year old pot plant

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Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium) LAPINS

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