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Traditional jujube variety originating in China. The cultivation of this unique fruit plant is possible in all wine-growing regions. Frost resistant down to -22°C.

Vigour: strong, upright, healthy, reaches a height of 3 - 4 meters and a width of 2.5 - 3 meters. Very elegant, graceful tree with shiny leaves and moderately thorny shoots, unpretentious and easy to grow.
Blossom: blooms gradually from June to August. Li is partially self-fertile, meaning that even one tree will bear fruit, but the presence of the second plant will increase the yield.
Fruits: medium-sized, 25 g in weight and 3 - 4 cm long, oval, skin shiny, mahogany brown when fully ripe. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption as well as for drying.
Pulp: greenish to creamy white, firm, crispy, with a narrow, spindle-shaped stone
Taste: in full maturity, when the fruits are fully colored, have an excellent sweet taste
Harvest season: fruits gradually ripen from late September to October, dried fruits can be stored for several months without loss of quality
Yield: moderate, reliable. Very early yield onset, already in 2-nd year after planting.
Disease resistance: reliably resists attack by pests and fungal diseases, no chemical protection is required during vegetation
Frost resistance: frost hardy down to -22°C, sprouts late, at the end of April and therefore avoids spring frost damage

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: yes

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Jujube Tree (Ziziphus jujuba) LI

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