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no longer available Mulberry (Morus alba x Morus rubra) GERARDI DWARF

Compact mulberry variety, originated in the USA where it was bred by crossing species Morus alba x Morus rubra. Due to its weak growth it is also suitable for small gardens.

Crossing: Morus alba x Morus rubra
Vigour: compact, reaches a height of 2 m
Blossom: self-fertile
Fruits: length 3 - 4 cm, in full maturity black
Pulp: juicy, seedless
Taste: sweet and aromatic, sugar content 20.0 ° Brix and more
Harvest season: June to August
Yeald: high and regular. The first yields start already with biennial plants.
Usage: ariety is adaptable to different climatic conditions. Because of the resistance to diseases is particularly interesting for organic farming and hobby gardeners.

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Mulberry (Morus alba x Morus rubra) GERARDI DWARF

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  • Rootstock-vigour : mulberry seedling
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