out of stock Mulberry (Morus macroura) Pakistan White

Very rare mulberry. Has extra long very tasty light yellow fruits that are rarely found in stores. It begins to vegetate much earlier than other domestic mulberries and is therefore sensitive to late spring frosts after sprouting. Growing is only possible in pots. For wintering, mulberry must be placed in an unheated greenhouse, bringing it outside the greenhouse is possible only after the spring frosts have passed.

Vigour: moderate, planted in the container grows to a height of 1.5 - 2 meters, the canopy is overhanging, spreading
Blossom: self fertile
Fruits: length 10 cm and more, light yellow when fully ripe
Pulp: juicy, seedless
Taste: honey sweet and aromatic, sugar content 20.0 ° Brix and more
Harvest season: from late June
Yield: medium high and regular. The first yield onset already with biennial plants.
Disease resistance: due to its high disease resistance and ease cultivation, it is particularly suitable for gardeners
Usage: this species prefers the lowland cultivation area. In central Europe climatic conditions are only suitable for cultivation in a large container.

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Mulberry (Morus macroura) PAKISTAN WHITE

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