no longer available Raspberry NEDOSYAGEMAYA

Very hardy red raspberry variety well adapted to growing conditions in northern climates. Successfully grown in Northwest Russia, Far East, Siberia and other regions with very harsh climates. Prefers light, fertile soil and regular watering, thrives well in less than favorable conditions.

Origin: Selection from seed of a seed mix of the best free pollinated reproducing raspberry varieties obtained in England, from the Scottish Research Institute of Fruit Growing. Bred in 1988 at the Moscow Fruit Research Institute VSTISP. Breeder Professor V.V. kitschina. Released in 1990.
Vigour: strong, spreading, height 1.0 - 1.5 m. Annual canes are thorny, medium-thick, strong and flexible, with shortened internodes, without a layer of wax, yellow-brown in autumn.
Site requirements: full sun location
Fruits: medium-sized, 2 - 4 g, sometimes up to 7 g, dark red when fully ripe, shiny, truncated cone-shaped. Seeds homogeneous, fine. The flesh is medium-dense. The fruits last a long time on the shrub without losing their market properties.
Taste: sweet with a characteristic fine aroma
Harvest season: the main harvest begins in early August and ends in mid-September
Yield: high, averaging 2 - 3 kg per shrub. Long-term average yield is 10 t/ha. With good care, the harvest can be up to twice as high.
Disease resistance: resistant to diseases of fruit trees and garden pests.
Frost resistance: fully hardy down to -40°C

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Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) NEDOSYAGEMAYA

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