no longer available NEGRONNE (Ficus carica) Fig Tree

French origin, two crops, cold resistant. Experts supposedly consider this variety to be one of the best figs ever. It was also cultivated by King Louis XIV at Versailles. It has excellent pulp quality and delicate flavor.

Synonyms: Violette de Bordeaux
Vigour: medium-strong, mature trees are smaller in size, sprawling, reaching 2-3 meters in height, ideal for growing in containers or in smaller spaces
Self-fertility: do not need to be pollinated to bear fruit (parthenocarpic variety)
Fruits: egg-shaped, weight 40 - 55 g on average, skin dark purple to black, flesh red, juicy, with fruity aroma, excellent quality and taste, fruits suitable for direct consumption, but also for jam production and drying
Ripening: biferous, the fig tree produce two crops. First crop mature at the beginning of July, second-crop figs appear toward August to October.
Disease Resistance: in our conditions the susceptibility to fungal diseases or pests is unknown.
Cold hardiness: excellent, the resistance to cold is very high (-15°C)

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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Fig Tree (Ficus carica) NEGRONNE

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