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no longer available Red Currant  OSIPOVSKAYA (shrub)

New generation of big fruited, sweet and disease resistant redcurrant. Resistant against American gooseberry mildew (Sphaerotheca mors uvae), Anthracnose (Drepanopeziza ribis) and Currant Leaf spot (Mycosphaerella grossulariae)

Parents: Rote Spätlese x Minnesota, breeders L.V. Bayanova, V.E. Jafarova. Released in 2009.
Picking season: second half of June
Fruit size: medium, 0,8g
Fruit colour: red
Vigour: strong, can be grown in columnar shape
Growth habit: semi erect
Start to bear fruit: very early
Cropping: heavy
Bearing regularity: regular
Self-fertility: yes
Blossom frost-resistance: yes
Cold hardiness: very good
Suitable for organic or no-spray culture: yes
General disease-resistance: very good

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes
Supplied shape:shrub

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Red Currant OSIPOVSKAYA (shrub)

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  • Breeder/Origin: VNIISPK, Orlovskaja obl., Rossija
  • Product Code: OSIPOVSKAJA-kontajner
  • Availability: no longer available
  • Height of plant when delivery: 40 cm
  • Pot size: 2 Liter Pot

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