no longer available Apple (Malus domestica) OSTANKINO - Columnar Tree

Russian resistant columnar autumn apple variety. Suitable for organic cultivation. Variety is highly frost resistant.

Crossing: Obilnoje x Wijcik, released in 2002
Vigour: moderate, compact, columnar, thick shoots, plant distance 70 cm
Fruit: medium-sized to large, 140 - 160 g, flat spherical, basic color deep red
Pulp: firm, very juicy, taste aromatic, sour-sweet, with a dominance of sweet
Harvest season: early September
Storage: in the cellar until December
Yield: early onset, regular and high yields, 5 - 6 kg per tree, 100 - 120 t/ha
Disease resistance: at the level of the best resistant apple varieties

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: yes

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Columnar Apple (Malus domestica) OSTANKINO

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