out of stock Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) POLKA

One of the best Polish red raspberry varieties, a world standard among the primocane varieties.

Origin: Brzezna Research Center, a branch of the Institute for Fruit and Ornamental Plant Cultivation. Breeders Dr. Jan Danek and Dr. Ing. Agnieszka Orzel. Released in 2003.
Vigour: strong, height 1.5 - 1.8 m. Canes upright, with thorns, resistant to Raspberry spur blight caused by the fungus Didymella applanata.
Site requirements: full sun location
Fruits: medium-sized, average weight 4 - 5 g, conical, red, shiny, firm, compact. Raspberries are particularly suitable for fresh consumption, but also for freezing and further processing. The berries are resistant to fruit rot, suitable for transport.
Taste: sweet with a pleasant raspberry flavor
Harvest season: bears twice a year - the first harvest from the beginning of June to the beginning of July on last year’s wood, the second main harvest from the beginning of August until the first frost on new wood. Suitable for machine harvesting.
Yield: high, especially on new canes from summer to fall
Disease resistance: excellent, no known susceptibility to diseases or pests. Suitable for organic or no-spray culture.
Frost resistance: completely hardy

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: well rooted one year old pot plant

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Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) POLKA

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