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no longer available Quince (Cydonia oblonga) DARUNOK ONUKU

Mid-early self-fertile Ukrainian variety, valuable for very high and stable fruit yields, early start to fruiting and high frost resistance. Also suitable for commercial cultivation.

Origin: Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine. Breeder S.V. Klimenko. The variety "Gift to grandson" was released in 1999.
Crossing: inter-hybrid forms 2-12 x №8 Kashchenko x 15-17-6
Vigour: the tree is medium-sized and has a broad-pyramidal, compact crown. The annual increase is relatively stable. Fruiting is mainly concentrated on 30 - 45 cm long shoots and to a lesser extent on short shoots. Early start to produce fruit, in 3rd or 4th year after planting.
Blossom: self-fertile
Fruit: average weight 250 g, cylindrical-oval shape, without ribs, balanced in size. Skin thin, shiny, intense yellow, the hairiness disappears when the fruit is still ripening on the tree.
Pulp: creamy-yellow, tender, fine-grained texture, with a strong quince aroma and pleasant taste. Fruits contain: dry matter - 21.3%, sugar - 9.9%, acids - 0.7%, pectin substances - 0.88%, tannins - 0.39%, carotene - 14.5 mg, vitamin C - 131 4 mg per 100 g raw weight.
Harvest season: the fruits ripen mid October are suitable for long-term storage without a refrigerator until March, while they acquire a beautiful golden-orange color
Usage: for the production of high quality products such as desserts, jams, juices, jellies, candied fruits, etc.
General disease and frost resistance: very good, suitable for organic or no-spray culture

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Quince (Cydonia oblonga) DARUNOK ONUKU

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