Dear customers, delivery of potted fruit trees start on March 15.

Quince Trees

Quince Trees

Quinces are easy to care for and hardly make any demands on the soil, they tolerate frost down to -30 ° C. To ensure high yields of quality fruit, the soil should be well drained and nutritious. Like most other fruit trees, the quinces love a sunny, somewhat sheltered location. In contrast to apples and pears, quinces get by with little cut. Cutting measures are limited to occasional thinning of the treetop. Quinces are hardly edible in their raw state because of their hard, sour flesh. When processed into juice or jelly, however, they develop an incomparable aroma that is reminiscent of a mixture of rose scent, apples and lemons. They are high in potassium, the amount of sugar is equivalent to apples, and high in vitamin C is also noteworthy.

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Bright golden yellow fruits with good flavour, pear-shaped fruit. Resistant to fire blight and po..

  • Height of plant when delivery: 160 cm
  • Pot size: 10 Liter
  • Rootstock-vigour : Semi-vigorous Quince A