Russian Plum, an complex hybrid of Myrobalan (Prunus cerasifera), Japanese plum (Prunus salicina), Ussurian plum (Prunus ussuriensis) and Chinese plum (Prunus simonii). Very valuable for its adaptability, highly rated taste properties, high frost resistance and very good resistance to fungal diseases.

Crossing: Obilnaya x Krymskaya Roza, breeder L.I. Taranenko, Donetsk, Ukraine. Released in year 1997.
Vigour: weak, crown round, moderately dense
Blossom: early, the variety is cross-pollinate, but easily can be pollinated by other plum hybrids which comes from russia-ukraine variety group. Blooming flowers are resistant to light frost.
Fruit: average weight 50 - 60 g, round, peel firm, dark red, when fully ripe, almost black with a light wax coating. Suitable for fresh consumption and processing. Fruits are good transportable.
Pulp: creamy yellow, reddish on the peel, moderately dense, aromatic
Taste: pleasantly sweet and sour, aromatic
Harvest season: early July
Yeald: high, early start to produce fruit
Disease and frost resistance: high, Plum pox virus resistance very good.
Usage: especially suitable for gardeners in the peripheral areas of stone fruit growing due to its adaptability, high resistance to disease and frost, rich crops and excellent taste. Suitable for organic or no-spray culture.

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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