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no longer available Saskatoon Berry PRINCE WILLIAM

Crossing between Amelanchier arborea and Amelanchier laevis.

Origin: bred in Madison, USA
Vigour: moderate, compact shrub, height 2.5 - 3 m, width 1.8 m
Blossom: April - May, self-fertile
Fruits: large, averaging 1.2 cm, sweet, juicy pulp
Harvest season: early July, ripening at the same time in large clusters
Disease resistance: not too sensitive to fungal diseases, or pests
Frost resistance: high

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: yes

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Saskatoon Berry (Amelanchier x Grandiflora) PRINCE WILLIAM

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  • Breeder/Origin: USA
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  • Availability: no longer available
  • Height of plant when delivery: 30 cm
  • Pot size: 2 Liter Pot

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