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Schisandra chinensis is originated in Japan, Korea and China where it is used for its healing properties.

Growth: deciduous, tall climbing, left-handed creeper, up to 3 m tall
Site requirements: partial shade
Soil: prefers fresh, well-drained, nutrient-rich, sandy-loamy soil
Blossom: May-June, yellowish-white-light pink, in clusters, fragrant. Since Schisandra chinensis is predominantly dioecious, several plants should be planted for fruiting.
Fruits: scarlet berries, roundish, hanging like spikes, up to 40 pieces per spike. Raw and dried ripe red fruits are used to make jam, syrup and liqueur. The leaves are suitable for tea.
Taste: Five-flavored fruit, tart, hot, aromatic, rich in vitamins
Ripening time: September - October
Yield: in the first years, only a few female flowers form on smaller plants and therefore not many fruits develop from the beginning. Based on the experience of growers, the amount of fruit is adjusted only after a few years, when the plant is taller.
Resistance to diseases: not sensitive to fungal diseases or pests
Resistance to frost: hardy, but late frost endangers shoots. However, it will sprout again willingly after possible frost damage. Does not tolerate prolonged drought.

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: rastlina bola jedno vegetačné obdobie pestovaný v kontajneri, korene sú prerastené v celom objeme kvetináča

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Schisandra chinensis

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