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no longer available Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium) LAPINS

Late cherry with large fruits, undemanding to the growing conditions and location. The variety is valuable for its fruit quality and good tree health.

Origin: discovered as a random seedling in Těchlovice in the 1960s. Since 1982 cultivation has been under the name Kordia.
Vigour: on the rootstock Gisela 5, the cherry is just a small compact tree, reaches a maximum height of 2.5 - 3 m, does not take up much space and is suitable for small gardens. The tree forms a dense, spherical crown.
Blossom: blooms medium late, cross-pollinate. Suitable pollinators are common sweet cherry varieties that bloom in the same period.
Fruit: large to very large and heart-shaped, peel is dark red to purple black and shiny. The stem is very long. The fruits are resistant to cracking, suitable for fresh consumption and processing.
Pulp: carmine-red, firm, crispy, aromatic
Taste: excellent, sweet with a pleasant acidity
Harvest season: late, ripens at the turn of July and August and can be harvested over a longer period
Yeald: high and regular, early start to produce fruit
Special notes: not sensitive to transport damage, is also suitable for storage in the refrigerator. Suitable for organic or no-spray culture

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes
Rootstock Characteristics and Description:GISELA ® 5 (P. cerasus x P. canescens) - A new compact Rootstock for Cherries With a size reduction of some 40% over colt, Cherry Trees of only 2,5 to 3m in height are now easily attainable with only the basic pruning required of all Cherries. Very productive early in life, good yields after only 2 seasons, and sometimes on the maiden year. Ideal for the intense orchard, smaller garden and tubs & planters. Highly recommended as the best general rootstock for cherries.

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Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium) KORDIA

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  • Rootstock Gisela 5 : semi-dwarf
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