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Everbearing variety Verity has improved fruit quality and fertility. In addition, the bright red fruits of this variety have an excellent shelf life. Of all the Vinson varieties, it has the best taste. Although Verity's harvest time starts a little later, the variety has a high yield potential.

Origin: Edward Vinson Plants, UK, introduced in 2012
Vigour: the shape of the plant makes it easy to pick, planting distance 35 x 35 cm
Flowering time: April to July
Fruits: large, attractive and beautifully shaped, weighing 25 to 35 grams, shiny, bright red, fruits are not damaged during harvest or transport
Pulp: firm even at high Brix values, improved fruit shelf life. Even in rainy weather, the berries are resistant to cracking and do not rot.
Taste: nice aroma, high sugar content, low acidity, everything for a good feeling when eating this strawberry
Ripening time: everbearing variety, bears fruit from June to October
Yield: high and stable
Resistance to diseases: high resistance to fungal diseases

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Strawberry VERITY

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