no longer available Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas) VLADIMIRSKY

Belongs to the most productive varieties with the largest fruits and excellent sweet-sour taste. Mature fruits have a good and long shelf life. Fruits are rich in vitamins and also have healing properties. Improve blood pressure and are recommended for consumption by people with diabetes or a predisposition to diabetes.

Growth: upright
Flower: self-fertile
Fruit: very large, oval, dark red, almost fully black, average weight 9,5 - 10,5 g, pulp red, firm, fleshy. Ripe fruits are deliciously fresh but are also suitable for processing as jelly, jam, fruit juice, syrup or candied fruits
Maturity: mid-early, late August
Harvest: very high and regular, reaching 55 to 60 kg / shrub
Disease resistance: sensitivity to fungal diseases or pests is unknown

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas) VLADIMIRSKY

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