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no longer available Honeysuckle-Haskap VOSTORG®

Siberian high-yielding, large-fruited variety with high fruit quality. Released in 2012.

Vigour: shrub, height 180 cm, width 180 cm, moderate growth, moderately branched, straight shoots
Fruits: average weight 1.6 g, max. 2.8 g, even up to 5 cm in length, shape broadly spindle-shaped, color blue-violet, with a strong wax coating, which makes them appear bluish. Taste of the berries sweet with a sour accent, harmonious. Sugar content 17°Brix. Skin thick, petiole scar dry, which makes the fruit very easy to transport. Fruits ripen at the same time, which makes harvesting easier. Dessert fruits, also recommended for freezing.
Harvest season: second half of May. Mechanical and hand harvesting. Berries shed moderately, but harvesting is easy due to plant shape and berry distribution.
Yield: average harvest from shrub: 2.5 kg, max. 5.5 kg. Average harvest per hectare 8.2 t/ha, max. 18.5 t/ha.
Disease resistance: no susceptibility to pests and diseases has been observed
Frost hardiness: completely hardy, even blooming flowers withstand frost -7°С
Special notes: to get a good harvest, it is recommended to plant different varieties next to each other, cross-pollination possible. The following varieties are recommended: Jugana, Doch Velikana, Bakcharsky Velikan.

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: yes

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Honeysuckle-Haskap (Lonicera caerulea) VOSTORG®

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