no longer available Fig Tree (Ficus carica) BRUNSWICK

Parthenocarpic and frost resistant variety bearing giant fig fruits. It provides two crops of delicious fruit per year.

Growth: the plant has a compact shape, even in adulthood can hold a small growth. The fig tree is suitable for permanent or temporary cultivation in flower pots. Older trees reach a height of about 2,5 meters in the field.
Flower: parthenocarpic, self-fertile
Fruits: big, summer fruits with a weight of 100 - 120 g, autumn fruits 80 g. On the surface brown yellow, the pulp light yellow, aromatic and very sweet.
Ripening: twice-bearing, the first wave of fruit matures in mid-July and the second in late-August.
Disease Resistance: in our conditions the susceptibility to fungal diseases or pests is unknown.
Hardiness: up to -15°C

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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Fig Tree (Ficus carica) BRUNSWICK

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  • Height of plant when delivery: 30 cm
  • Pot size: 2 Liter

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