Instructions after delivery and unpacking of fruit trees

-check the moisture of the root ball
-when it is dry then pour it from above; excess water must drain off immediately
- never water by immersing the whole root ball in water, this can destroy the whole plant
-don't be mistaken for twisted leaves, this does not necessarily mean a lack of water, it is just a temporary reaction to the conditions of transport
-plant as soon as possible, preferably on the same day; do not keep the tree in the pot
-if the day is too hot, plant in the early evening
-do not use any fertilizer when planting
-check the planted plant and water it daily, especially if the temperature exceeds 30°C

Take the tree out of the container just before planting.
Do not disassemble the root ball, do not manipulate the roots in any way!
Usually we dig a pit measuring 60x60x60 cm. After the rain, water must not accumulate in the pit for a long time. This means that the subsoil below the pit should be permeable to water.

Put the tree in the pit so that the grafting point is at least 5 cm above the ground after planting. If the quality of the garden soil is poor, we recommend using a high-quality garden substrate or mixing the soil with ripe compost. Never use fresh manure! After planting, drive in the support post of the appropriate thickness and height to the tree. Tie the tree to the stake with the figure eight.

Start adding fertilizer to the watering a week after planting. Be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage given in the instructions for use.