no longer available Walnut Tree JINBOXIANG-1

Chinese walnut variety that is the result of the breeding program of the Pomological Institute of the Sanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Breeding has been ongoing since 1985, and so far several varieties have been bred, which are widely distributed throughout Sanxi Province. These are the Jinboxiang varieties 1 to 8 and also the new Jinbofeng variety No. 1 and Youzhu 181. All of these varieties are characterized by characteristics such as very early yield onset, high productivity, thin shell, high kernel yield and high frost and disease resistance.

Vigour: weak
Blossom: medium early, lateral, rich
Pollination: unspecified
Nut: round, smooth, light, medium-sized, weight 6 - 8 g, excellent quality
Kernel: ivory white, crunchy, fills the shell well, easily breaks out of the shell
Shell: thin
Taste: mild, pleasant
Harvest season: fruits ripen in the second half of September
Yield: delivers high and regular yields, bears fruit from a young age
Disease resistance: moderate resistance to bacterial blight (Xanthomonas arboricola pathovar. juglandis) and anthracnose (Gnomonia leptostyla).
Frost resistance: the tree is fully hardy

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Walnut Tree (Juglans regia) JINBOXIANG-1

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