no longer available Gooseberry (Grossularia uva-crispa) LENINGRADETS

The advantages of this variety are frost resistance, resistantce to American gooseberry powdery mildew, drought resistance, excellent taste properties, large fruiting and reliable yields.

Crossing: Mysonsky 17 x Industria, 1980
Vigour: moderate, compact, shoots are moderately spiny
Site requirements: direct sun
Blossom: self-fertile
Fruit: large, weight 7 - 8 g, oval, red-purple, skin thin, smooth
Taste: excellent, sweet and sour, highly rated
Harvest season: mid-late, early July
Yield: very high and regular. Long-term average yield 19.0 t/ha. Yield from one shrub 8.6 kg. The berries are suitable for fresh consumption and for processing into juices and jams. The variety is also suitable for commercial cultivation.
Disease resistance: resistant to American gooseberry powdery mildew
Frost resistance: completely hardy

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Gooseberry (Grossularia uva-crispa) LENINGRADETS

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